StormTrooper glow mask

$29.95 at Etsy

Once I saw Star Wars The Force Awakens I wanted to join the dark side and I made this First Order Storm Trooper. I made this mask to glow extra bright and fierce. Remember, Storm Troopers come in squads, so grab two or more to impress! I also make this mask in White and Pink!

Three Awesome Modes: Always On, Slow Blink & Hyper-Fast Blink!
(You can turn it off...but why would you?)

Very light-weight plastic makes this mask easy to wear.

Clip the battery pack to your pocket or onto your clothing. Takes two AA batteries (not included).

Additional Info: The base mask I use is made of plastic and I add an elastic band to place around your head to hold it in place. There are openings in the eye, nose and mouth area. There is a 4 foot wire coming off the side of the mask and runs around the back of your ear to a small battery pack which is included. Typically, I run the wire under my clothes and place the battery pack in my pocket. The small battery pack uses two AA batteries (not included) and lasts over 24 hours of continuous use. The battery packs make a slight high pitched hum, which is normal and barely noticeable especially when it is in your pocket.