Storm Trooper Armor from Star Wars: Republic Commando

$880.00 at Etsy

This is a DIY kit with unpainted pieces for assembly. Assembly instructions will be provided.

12 detailed pieces cast in polyurethane resin with stabilizing fillers, rough trimmed (includes shoulder details, bracer details, backpack handles)

36 armor pieces formed in HIPS plastic rough trimmed:

Chest armor in 1/8″ or 0.125 inch thickness and the following in 0.080 inch thickness:

upper back
2- shoulders, L and R with underside plates
4- bicep pieces
2- elbows
4- bracers
2- hands
abdomen armor
lower back armor
butt plate
2- side waist plates
2- left thigh, front and back
2- right thigh, F and B
2- knees
4- greaves (calves), L and R with F and B
2- foot armor pieces
2- backpack, front and back, comes precut along seams, but there will be several splits required to release from mold that you will need to fix with tabs

ABS: neckseal collar, waist to cod belt plastic, reinforcing plastic

extra 080 plastic for top of butt plate and backpack attachment area and bottom of spaulders

extra 060 for making tabs to glue seams

extra 040 for filling outer underside of spaulders and extending top of abdomen armor for stretching

Armor kit does NOT include helmet, visors, or other accessories. Helmet kit, visor kit, rifle kit, and special armor attachments (like additional components for Scorch armor, for example) are offered in my other Etsy listings.