Star Wars: The Last Jedi Resistance Bomber Model Kit

$15.00 at Etsy

This is exactly like the full model I also have listed in my store, except you get to do the assembling yourself. This ship became iconic when it appeared in The Last Jedi, but I couldn't find a good model of it anywhere. As a result, I had to build one myself and print it out on my 3D printer. The pieces fit together quite well, and at only 10 pieces I'm sure virtually anyone could put it together in half an hour.

As with any 3D print you do have some lines, but this can be smoothed out through the use of a modeling epoxy. Additionally, some of the pieces have a little seam, but those seams can be filled with a modeling putty.

- Accurate scale model of B/SF-17 Resistance Bomber which appears in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

- High quality 3D print

- plastic supports still attached (this print is hot off the printer), but they can be removed very easily

- Model is 10 total pieces (printed with gray PLA plastic)

- Comes with assembly instructions

- Glues together with superglue or modeling cement (glue not included)

- Some parts have a slight seam when put together. I use modeling putty to fill seams and sand smooth in my models. fine sand paper and a small Xacto knife are helpful tools.

- When assembled, the model is 20cm long, 13cm tall, and 14cm wide

Modeling Kit Includes:

- 10 printed plastic pieces (a few spare fragile parts included)
- instructions to put model together (w/ pictures)