Star Wars Princess Leia Rebel Trifold Wallet

$36.00 at Amazon

Rebels come in all shapes in sizes. They have a wide variety of skills. Some fly X-Wings, but maybe the life of a pilot really isn’t your style. Some steal secret plans for the Death Star, but maybe you’re proud of your non-thieving ways. Maybe, you just want to lead the rebellions, like Princess Leia. All you need is determination and a willingness to stand out from the crowd!

It’s time for you to lead your own rebellion… against ordinary wallets, that is! This Star Wars Princess Leia Rebel Trifold Wallet gives you the maverick style needed to break free of bleak and boring ways of storing your money and cards. It has an Art Nouveau image of Leia’s face on the side, along with the Rebel Alliance symbol from the original Star Wars trilogy. It has enough room inside for cash, IDs and whatever else you might need on your personal quest for rebellion.