Star Wars clock and LED light

$33.60 at Etsy

The vinyl record this clock is made of has spent its entire life in a closet: it is absolutely new, without a single scratch. As time passed the layer of dust on it became thicker. We decided to change its destiny by slightly changing its shape and adding silent quartz movement and some electronic components. As a result, a stylish and elegant item of an interior has turned out. Not only will it show the exact time, but will also add individuality to your room during the daytime, when the light "plays" on vinyl, and in the dark when the LED backlight creates a unique atmosphere.

Stylish and unique wall clock with LED backlight. 100% handmade: we carve the clocks manually (without using a laser or a cutter), all electronic components are also mounted manually. Our wall clocks combine refined design and unique lighting solution. The original solution for wall decoration - gives individuality to any room. Ideal for a bedroom, living room or kitchen. Our wall clocks will be an interesting and unusual gift for everyone, especially for music and art lovers.

Quartz Movement Clock
Power clock from 1 AA battery
Power LED backlight from 3 AA batteries
The size: 12 LP (30см)
Button on/off LED backlight
LED backlight color: red + yellow + white