Rebel Scum Glass Soap Dispenser

$18.00 at Etsy

You’ve got a lot on your evil mind. You choked some pretty high-level officers from across the room today and promoted just as many. The Rebels who blew up your first Death Star are now gunning for your second. Your unsupportive boss, who’s been on your back about turning your son to the dark side, is now wondering “if your feelings on this matter are clear.” We get it. You’re stressed. But that’s no excuse for not washing your hands! Sure, they’re mechanical hands, but that doesn’t get you off the hook either, bub!

Here are the technical readouts for this bottle station:

Bottles are glass with a black plastic pump, which (let’s face it) really seems to be your color.

Extra large bottle has a 16 oz. capacity, is approximately 8" tall with the pump popped up, and has a 2.5" diameter.

Bottles are shipped empty and do not include liquid soap. The original designs are screen printed with enamel. Although the enamel is durable, you should be sure to use a nonabrasive cleanser for cleaning the bottle.

Don’t let those filthy Rebels get under your skin! Take a moment for yourself. Relax. Breathe. Wash your hands of the dirt and grime. Wash off those many, many sins. Soon, the rebellion will be crushed, and you’ll finally be free of that foul Rebel scum.