R2D2 Dress

$37.99 at Etsy

Inspired by the droid R2D2 from Star Wars, this design shows blue, grey, and light droid parts made into a pattern. Perfect for any Star Wars fan!

The dresses are available in sizes XS-XL (2XL and 3XL also available from my HK printer), in 5 different styles. The same fabric is used for all (except Sweetheart Skater) and stretches to fit your body, hugs in all the right places and bounces back after washing. The design is printed using solvent free sublimation inks. This printing method gives a vibrant, beautiful range of colors, that are safe for washing.

1. SLEEVELESS BODYCON - this style features a tight figure-hugging shape with a short mini skirt.

2. LONGSLEEVE BODYCON - (only available from Hong Kong) exactly the same as the sleeveless bodycon, except with long sleeves.

3. SWEETHEART SKATER - (only available from Hong Kong) a beautiful strapless style dress that features a sweetheart neckline with a skater skirt. This dress is made from 90% cotton and 10% spandex for even more comfort! The strapless part is completely elastic and is not lined - I recommend pairing it with your favorite strapless bra.

4. LONGSLEEVE SKATER - (only available from Hong Kong) exactly the same as the longsleeve bodycon, except in a skater style with a figure-hugging top and a flared out skater skirt.

5. SLEEVELESS FLARED - by far our most popular dress style, this dress is flattering on all body shapes. The flared skirt starts at the waist, hiding a multitude of sins, and the sleeveless style combined with the lightweight fabric is perfect for hot summer days.

These dresses are all made-to-order.