Pokésia - Pokemon Wall Art

$32.00 at Etsy

Based on an amazingly illustrated poster for Disney's Fantasia, I present the Pokémon iteration: Pokésia. I took a lot of time to make each Pokémon into a more unique, viscous version of what was on the anime, having no clue how they'd turn out after I initially sketched their outlines...while maintaining Ash and Pikachu as statue-like versions of the show.

All art was done in Manga Studio while final formatting and text was taken care of in Photoshop. The time invested is approximately 60 hours worth of work. Available both with the title text and without.

Printed on museum-quality, thick, durable, and matte paper. These posters are printed on archival, acid-free paper for fade resistant quality. Looks fantastic in a frame or on it's own, however is sold as the poster only.