Pokeball Hide for Hedgehogs and other small animals

$30.00 at Etsy

Your pet can rest in luxury inside one of these unique hides. Instead of the hard edges of a normal cube, these edges are rounded for a smoother more comfortable shape. They can sleep in absolute comfort snuggling into the soft interior. You can sleep knowing that your pet is happy and your pets cage is more attractive.

The interior and exterior are lined in anti-pill fleece. Between them is a layer of thick batting which will maintain the shape of the hide and make it softer overall.

They are now offered in multiple sizes for differently sized critters

Small Dimensions for mice, hamsters, sugar gliders and other tiny critters (too small for most hedgehogs)
- Base 4”x4”
- Width 5”
- Height 5”
- Opening 3”

Regular Dimensions excellent for hedgehogs, chinchillas, and fitting one to two smaller guinea pigs inside
- Base is 8”x8”
- Width 10”
- Height 9”
- Opening 5” wide

Large Dimensions fit large guinea pigs and multiple guinea pigs inside.
- Base is 10x10”
- Width 12”
- Height 10”
- Opening 6” wide