Pikachu Faux Leather Mini Backpack

$54.86 at Amazon

Make a electrifying fashion statement with a mini backpack! This backpack is much like Ash's favorite Pokemon, Pikachu. It's small and cute but at the same time, it's also bold and sassy. It's completely apparent that Ash's favorite belonging is his lightening-based pocket monster (even though his red snapback is a very close second).

Once you start toting this little Loungefly knapsack everywhere you go, it will instantly become your most highly valued accessory. Plus, it's a whole lot more stylish than a canvas belt with Poke Balls clipped to it! No offense Ash...

This faux leather mini backpack is just as enjoyable to tote around as having the actual Pikachu with you. Perfect for the Poke girl on the go, this faux leather mini backpack has many different portraits of Pika in various stances, as well as an assortment of zippered pockets so you can keep all your essentials inside. Bring it with you while you're on your way to Pallet Town or your local mall. Be prepared to be shockedby all the compliments you'll receive! - Backpack