100x Pokémon Sticker mix

$11.94 at Etsy

Be creative and make a boring surface look awesome with these Pokémon stickers.

In this pack you will find 100 different stickers. I'm sure you will be happy with them, there's always something you love!

These stickers are made from durable PVC material with sun protection so they don't fade when used outside. You don't need to worry about the stickers coming off with water because they are waterproof. You can even apply them in the shower. The stickers can be removed without leaving traces and can be used again.

• Width: 6 cm/2.48 Inch
• Length: 8 cm/3.2 Inch

Size are different because of the different shapes

How to apply:
- clean the surface
- bring the sticker on
- enjoy the result :-)

Use them for your car, phone, laptop, fridge, mirror, skateboard, bumper,hoverboard, snowboard, helmet, luggage, truck, bathroom, doors or anything with a smooth surface. Be creative and make something your own style.