Evileye Mask for Cosplay or as Wallhanger

$55.02 at Etsy

Handcrafted Evileye mask made from reinforced Excalibur dental Stone. The Mask is handpainted with acrylic paint with a clear-coating, it has 3 holes with metal inserts for a three point head strap.

The Gemstone is a red cubic zirkonia. The weight is around 300- 400 grams. On Demand the mask can be fitted with white head straps and some padding before shipping, it is best however to fit those to the individual wearer. The mask is quite sturdy and feels similar to ceramic to the touch, it should not be dropped though or it might chip.

Alternatively the resin option is cast out of polyurethane resin with a weight of around 200 gramms. If the mask is to be worn for extended periods I recommend the resin option for the reduced weight and increased drop resistance.

On request the holes for the head straps can be filled in.