Toga Himiko sleep mask

$15.98 at Etsy

Sleep Mask Useful For Travel.
A sleep blindfold or sleep mask should always be an item you carry with you as you travel.
On aircraft you can block unwanted daylight or TV monitors and courtesy lights when you want to sleep.
In Hotels or unfamiliar bedrooms light may be coming in through doors, curtains or electronic devices in the room.
The sleep blindfold can stop this unwanted light and help you get sleep and speed up your jet lag experience.

Sleep blindfolds find great use as well for travelers that want to get a little shut-eye on long air, car, ship
or rail journeys and allow them to arrive at their destinations more refreshed.

Our busy lives seem to be becoming more complex and occupied with work and various forms of engagements. It is crucial we can rest as much as possible to relieve us from the stress accumulated during the day.This sleeping mask is made from polyester and as foam inserted for added comfort.

Product Details:
- Made from polyester in the front and hairy of the back.
- Image imprinted using dye sublimation process to ensure everlasting effect
- Black colored nose flap to limit light entering
- Secured by elastic band round back of head
- One size fits all
- Machine washable

Dimensions (approx): 7.1” x 3.1”