Super Mario Themed custom joy-cons

$150.00 at Etsy

This is a customized Super Mario Bros. themed set of wireless Joy-Con controllers for your Nintendo Switch.

Each controller or face plate is made from REAL Joy-Con controllers. We only use authentic products! It is normal to feel slight variations in the surface and not have it perfectly smooth (though we try our best!)

This listing is for you to choose your own set of two characters! Select your options below, and we'll send you a controller to match!

These are all made to order! Color schemes for each character, and character icons are as follows:
Mario: Red Front, Blue Back - "M" Logo
Luigi: Green Front, Blue Back - "L" Logo
Peach: Pink Front, Yellow Back - Crown Logo
Yoshi: Green Front: Red Back - Egg Logo
Toad: White Front, Red Back - Toad Head Logo
Bowser: Orange Front, Dark Green Back - Bowser Head Logo