Super Mario double padded guitar strap

$35.00 at Etsy

This is the game that got it all started! You can't hear the game music playing and not instinctively begin to hum along. This strap will be popular for both children and adults. It features Mario in mid-leap, those blasted piranha plants, and the coveted coins. This strap is strong, comfortable, and will show off your personality in epic gaming style!

Made of high quality fabric and webbing, this strap is light yet extremely durable. The core webbing, tested at 1000 lbs, prevents the strap from stretching. Reinforced with double padding, you will barely feel this strap on your shoulder! The tabs at either end are made of genuine leather.

- Adjustable from 36 to 65 inches. 2 inches wide
- VERY comfortable - double padded
- Perfect strap for all ages