Super Mario Bros 3 3D Shadow Box

$59.53 at Etsy

It's me, Mario!

This Super Mario Bros 3 3D shadow box is the perfect gift for gamers and retrogamers, and the perfect decoration to your game room. It measures 10x10x1.75 inches, and is ready to hang on your wall or to stand on your desktop, shelves, or whatever you want.

Each sprite is meticulously cut by hand, and manually painted with acrylic paint. I screw all the sprites to the background so they will never fall off (earthquake proof ^-^).

It's not paper, is magic! My sprites are made of an alloy of plastics, which are more long-lasting than cardstock, and more rigid than foamboard. This material doesn't bend and resists humidity. The background is printed vinyl.

The wood frame is 10"x10" and is protected with a plastic screen (which doesn't appear on the pictures to avoid reflections).