Oven Mitt and Pot Holder Set - Super Mario

$45.00 at Etsy

This oven mitt and pot holder set is perfect for your kitchen! Made with high quality licensed fabric, cotton batting, insulated batting, and a black lining fabric, this set is sure to help you in the kitchen. These oven mitts and pot holders are not only decorative, they are also functional! The high quality insulated batting is specially made to be used with high temperatures so your hands will stay protected. Complete with a hanging loop stitched for durability to display in your kitchen. Set includes one oven mitt and one pot holder.

Each pot holder consists of 2 fabric layers, 2 cotton batting layers, and 1 layer of insulated batting. Each oven mitt consists of 2 fabric layers, 2 insulated batting layers, 2 cotton batting layers, and 2 layers of liner fabric (1 of each on each side of oven mitt).

Featuring Mario from Super Mario by Nintendo. Perfect for any Super Mario fan.

- High Quality Fabric
- High Quality Insulated Batting
- Durable stitching
- Durable Hanging Loop
- Functional up to 450 degrees