Popstar Leona cosplay from League of Legends

$530.54 at Etsy

I have costume on sale: Leona in popstar (Loiza) version from League of Legends.
Write to me before buying! Price is approximate and to negotiate. Costume is about M size, but everything can be adjustable, except corset - it possible to buy costume by smaller price without it or I could to sew corset on your dimensions. costume was wore several times, but condition is very good.

Costume include:
- corset (like I said, you can buy it without or with sewed on your dimensions)
- bolero with armlets
- amor on hands
- stiff "skirt"
- armor on legs
- hips armor
- earpieces
- I can add wig - but it isn;t perfect in under parts; I can make and add shoes in your size (it;s normal gold heels), and new stockings of course

- shield and sword. They are made with plexiglass elements, by 2mm of thickness, so they are delicate and fragile. so if you want to buy it, remember about it. But if you don't forget about some rules, they shouldn't broke during using