League of Legends Ward Lamp

$106.46 at Etsy

We realize all our 3D models, and print them ourselves in order to offer props which are as close as possible from the original.
This is table lamp which represents a Ward from League of Legends.
It is entirely made of PLA, then coated with a resin specialized for finishing 3D print (XTC-3D) to smooth it out. The Ward is then sanded and painted by hand.

This desktop lamp is entirely functional and is provided with a bulb socket and LED bulb that is provided for 220V power socket. (Since it’s entirely made in France.)
The DIY version also include this LED bulb and lamp kit with the bulb socket. You can easily unscrew the crystal part to change the bulb if needed.

/!\ Be carefull with the Option /!\ :
It is possible to order this object in a kit format to do the finishing process yourself to fit your own liking. (Option 1 Kit version DIY)
Of course, it is also possible to order this product entirely finished and exactly like the presentation pictures. (Option 2 Finished version)

Then choose between classic (green) or a pink! (pink.)

Width: 45 cm (1 feet 6 inches)
Height: 36 cm (1 feet 2 inches)