Jhin Mask | League of Legends

$49.98 at Etsy

"In carnage, I bloom, like a flower in the dawn." - Jhin

Around 12 inches tall this mask is perfect for cosplay or wall decor.

Sizing: Mask goes on the front half of head so it will fit most people.
Does not come with Strap, if you need one or suggestions for one please let me know!

Allow up to 3 weeks for printing, painting, and shipping! (Most Items ship sooner if not during a busy time of year or order queue is low.

There are 3 options for purchase

1. Unfinished- Comes unpainted and is just plain gray. Needs sanding and painting.

2. Finished - Gray- Inspired directly from the video game and is painted exactly how you would see it in game.
Ancient- My take on Jhin's mask