Harry Potter's Gryffindor Gift Set

$39.99 at Etsy

INSPIRED by: Harry Potter Gryffindor Gift Set includes: Scarf (knit), Felt Tie, 2 House Inspired Handmade Wands & Hogwarts Acceptance Letter (Wand Box NOT included but can be purchased for an additional fee)

Harry Potter Winter Knitted Scarf Gryffindor Series Badge Cosplay Striped Knit Scarves
60x7 inch approx.

Handmade Felt Tie: 10”

3 WANDS inspired by House or character (please specify) or a variety

These are handmade HP “wizard" wands between 9 - 10” long depending on style.
The wands are all handmade by me and each one is unique, hand painted and sealed with a gloss. Wands are made to order; please allow time for wands to be made and time to dry.