Harry Potter Levitating Broom Pen

$19.99 at Think Geek

Be the envy of everyone around with the fastest writing implement around: the Nimbus 2000! This tiny version looks just like the on-screen one, but when you pull the head off this broom, it magically transforms into a pen!

But wait. There's more! Through the power of magic (and with the magnets in the included plinth), you can make your Nimbus 2000 float in mid-air on your desk or bookshelf, wowing all your friends. You know what? This broom is just about Timmy-sized. If this sample doesn't make it back to the warehouse, we know who to go looking for. If only we could catch him....

Product Specifications
- Harry Potter Levitating Broom Pen
- Officially-licensed Harry Potter merchandise
- Display your love of HP with practical office supplies
- Looks like the Nimbus 2000 from the films
- Floats in mid-air (with the help of cleverly placed magnets)
- But you can tell folks it's magic
- Ballpoint pen with blue ink
- Imported
- Dimensions: 7 1/4" x 3" x 2 1/2" on display base
- Weight: 3 oz.

Includes Nimbus 2000 pen, wood effect base with plaque (and small acrylic piece that slots in), and spare ink cartridge