Winter is coming lighter

$14.00 at Etsy

Perfect gift for groomsmen, best man, grooms, dads, friends, etc. Also Ideal for Father's Day, a Birthday Gift, Retirement Gift, and More!
Excellent lighters for any taste and any style!

Exclusive product features:

- The new product with high quality chrome plated cover and bright wonderful picture on the front surface
- All products are tested
- Re-usable lighter ( liquid not included)
- Size 5.25 cm on 3.5 cm on 1.2 cm
- Lighter is delivered packed in the box
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
- The picture on the up side is printed on the artistic vinyl and covered with water-proof polymer mastic. This tailor-made cover guarantees 100% protection against any external interactions and also beneficially underlines the beauty and color-grade luxury , as you can see on photo
- As all the products are only hand-made, I need several days to execute an order. After this the end product is send by mail for you.