Game of Thrones Wireless Charger Qi Dragon Bamboo

$29.00 at Etsy

Choose your chargers shape
1. Circle, Heart, Square, and Octagon are available.
2. All shapes are encased with 4mm solid bamboo all around.
3. Sizes will vary slightly but all shapes are 3.75” x 3.75” x .62” inches.
4. Micro-USB cable included (white).

Wireless Charger Features
1. Can charge from a distance of 10mm away from the surface.
2. Works with any Qi wireless technology enabled device (iPhone 8, X, Samsung devices).
3. Charger is "Plug-n-play" which works out of the box with any USB power adapter.
4. Gives 5V/ 1.5A of power distribution.

Compatible with the following phones: iPhone 8, iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8, Samsung Note 6, Note 8, Nexus 5, Nexus 7 (2nd gen), Samsung Galaxy Tablet (check models), Samsung Galaxy Edge 7, Galaxy Edge 6, and any other Qi Wireless enabled device. Works with both Android and iOS phones! The perfect stocking stuffer for your geeky or nerdy Game of Thrones fan!