Game of Thrones Three eyed Raven ArtDoll

$150.00 at Etsy

My Etsy shop specializes in fantasy plush art dolls and I’m currently in the process of starting on a line of fantasy oil painting.

This listing is for the exact art doll plush shown in the photos.

The size of this piece is: about 9 inches tall with a wingspan of about 15 inches
The materials used in this piece: faux fur fabrics, stuffing, wires, sculpey clay, acrylic paints, resin, felt

Style of art doll body: plush and soft with a posable wire frame, and clay parts.

The process I use for making the clay parts of my art dolls:
I start by sculpting the horn and or any of the parts that still out, first. This parts will have wire baked in them as to add extra strength to them. The horns and or extra things are then baked one on their own. Then I sculpt the main part of the clay piece, like the face. I the piece has glass eyes then they will be baked into the clay as well. After the clay pieces are baked I then paint them with layers of acrylic paints, sometimes modeling paints as well. After the painting is finished I then apply a thin clear layer of resin over the clay pieces, this helps lock in and protect the paint work.

All sewing and sculpting for my art dolls are done by hand, NO molds are used.

All art dolls in this shop are for collectable purposes only and should not be given to small children