Game of Thrones Playing Cards Deck

$20.00 at Etsy

It's taken me (literal) months, but I've illustrated a character on EVERY card. Each of the four suits represent the four main Houses of Westeros:

Diamonds: House Lannister
Clubs: House Targeryen
Hearts: House Baratheon
Spades: House Stark

The characters represented in the number cards are somehow related to, significant to, or involved with the suit's main House and are ranked in order of significance (though on some occasions, I do admit to ranking based on popularity or what seemed to just make sense... i.e. all the Deuces).

Each number-card character has a portrait, name, and (associated) house sigil.


A while back, Jim Tuckwell started a project where he illustrated a few playing cards as a fan tribute to Game of Thrones. Like everyone else, I was floored by his work and loved the idea. I wanted a deck for myself, but realizing he hasn't made much progress on the project, I decided to create my own. This is the fruit of that labor.

This is a full 54-card poker-sized deck of playing cards. Each character is hand drawn and the Aces are the house sigils. The distressing was done as post-processing before printing to create a deck of cards that actually looks like it came from Westeros. =)

Each deck comes in a custom designed tuck box and the cards are professionally printed on high quality 310gsm card stock with linen finish.