Game of Thrones Leather Notepad

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How do I make the notepads:

To me from Italy brought the leather better. I take vegetable-tanned leather thickness of 2.5 mm (0,1in) and cut out with a whole leather workpiece. At that time, my assistant prepares sheets. She sews them by hand. Coffee then diluted in water. Tuck sheets in coffee. After that they get a wonderful view.
I cover with water leather and using a press nanoshu required me a drawing.
Next, I take a deep penetration of paint, I paint with an airbrush piece. After painting the leather changes shape. Therefore, I take a knife and cut finishing the final form of the workpiece. Defects in the leather I close decor in the form of cracks.
After that I weave sheets blank.
All things are painted by hand. Color may differ. Unable to match the color of the image.
The last thing I cover the ends of the leather with a special solution.
It remains only to rub notebook with wax, so that the water does not spoil it
Notepad ready !!!

You get a piece of art. Absolutely a unique thing.

Available in all sizes A5, A6, A7.
This price is for the A6.

8,3 inch (21 cm) high, 6 inch (15 cm) wide - А5
6 inch (15 cm) high, wide 4,1 inch (10,5 cm) - А6