Fortnite Keychains

$5.39 at Etsy

Are you a huge Fortnite Fan? Do you Have a kid that loves Fortnite?
Are you looking for the most awesome Christmas gift?
Look no further.

I have manufactured some super cool key chains. After endless revisions these bad boys are ready and just perfect. I would like to share them with you. They are made of PVC plastic and a Metal chain. They are soft and very 3D. When You look at them closely you will be surprised at how much detail I was able to fit into the key chains, even in the most smallest places.

The "Fortnite 13 Pack" includes all 13 Fortnite characters below. (one of each character all packaged together nicely in a big group package)

Tomato Head
The Reaper (John Wick)
Merry Marauder
Beef Boss
Black Night
Funk Ops
Love Ranger
Skull Trooper