Fortnite Battle Royale Drift Cosplay Costume

$129.99 at Etsy

Includes: Top, Pant, Black Mask, Gloves.

Men's size chart (inch):
XS - Height:63-65 Shoulder Width: 15-16 Chest:33-34 Waist:27-28 Hips:34
S - Height:65-67 Shoulder Width: 16-17 Chest:35-37 Waist:29-31 Hips:36
M - Height:67-69 Shoulder Width: 17-18 Chest:38-40 Waist:32-34 Hips:40
L - Height:69-71 Shoulder Width:18-19 Chest:42-44 Waist:36-38 Hips:44
XL - Height:71-73 Shoulder Width:19-20 Chest:46-48 Waist:40-42 Hips:47
2XL - Height:73-75 Shoulder Width:20-21 Chest:50-52 Waist:44-46 Hips:50
3XL - Height:75-77 Shoulder Width:21-22 Chest:54-56 Waist:50-52 Hips:54

Women's size chart (inch):
XS - Height:61-63 Shoulder Width: 14-15 Chest:33-34 Waist:24-25 Hips:34-35
S - Height:63-65 Shoulder Width: 15-16 Chest:35-36 Waist:26-27 Hips:36-37
M - Height:65-67 Shoulder Width: 16-17 Chest:37-38 Waist:28-29.5 Hips:38-40
L - Height:67-69 Shoulder Width: 17-18 Chest:39-41 Waist:31-32.5 Hips:41.5-43
XL - Height:69-71 Shoulder Width:18-19 Chest:43-45 Waist:35-37 Hips:45-47
2XL - Height:71-73 Shoulder Width:19-20 Chest:47 Waist:39-41 Hips:49-51
3XL - Height:73-75 Shoulder Width:20-21 Chest:50 Waist:44 Hips:52

For custom sizing, please include the following measurements(inch):
Height, Weight(kg), Chest, Waist, Hips, Shoulder Width, Arm Length, Neck to Crotch Area, Inseam