Lion king wood lamp

$47.00 at Etsy

The inside of the box is lined with frosted acrylic to diffuse the light. What gives an attractive soft light and, what is most important, pleasant feeling of security!

You can use it for decorating a child’s bedroom. As most children feel more comfortable sleeping with a light, a LED lamp provide a softer and more creative alternative to traditional lightings. With plenty of fun shapes to choose from, Night light lamp be a great fit for a kid’s bedroom. Moreover, you can choose a light in the shape of their favorite cartoon, game or book character.

Also simple LED lamp has the power to truly transform a living space. Whether you are looking for a new light for your living room, hall or bedroom, this Wood lamp will not only make your home brighter but also add an atmospheric touch ambient glow.

Our RGB LED Lamps fit any holiday/birthday/anniversary or can be given just as unexpected original gift!

A modern wood lamp is also a fun decoration for a party or holiday event: Christmas, Halloween, etc. The lights are a great way to liven up any event and would work wonders for creating the needed atmosphere. You can also pick themed lights that would match the style of the event or simply go well with your decor like.

The design has been laser cut into 5.5 inch thick Baltic Birch which has been sanded, stained and finished by hand.

We use quality wires and light bulbs, which will last for a very long time!

Our constructions are made without the use of mercury and other harmful components. Accordingly, you cannot be afraid that they will negatively affect your health.

- 3.5 х 3.5 х 3.5 inches
- 5 x 5 x 5 inches
- 7 x 7 x 7 inches