All My Hero Academia figures (action figures, Funko Pops and customized versions)

My Hero Academia season 3 is coming to an end and to celebrate this awesome season here is a compiled list of all statues, action figures, Funko Pop and customized…

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Harry Potter Hogwarts castle LEGO set

All Harry Potter Lego sets

Building a LEGO set is so much fun! When you finally finish it, the sense of┬ádamn, I made this awesome thing right here that you feel is incredible, right!? So,…

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Custom Zelda Joy Con

Top 6 custom joy con shells

You got your Nintendo Switch with the default joy cons and when you took them to your friend’s house your started to think: How the hell am I gonna know…

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Top 8 Solo: A Star Wars Story toys

You watched Solo: A Star Wars Story and fell in love again with Han Solo and Chewbacca? Now you can’t control yourself, you NEED an awesome toy from the movie,…

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Pikachu cosplaying Son Goku

The cutest Pikachu toys you will ever see

Pikachu surely is one of the cutest and most famous cartoon characters of all times. Because of all the love he receives, he also gets A LOT of awesome toys!…

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